Plug System for Decking

Easy-to-install fastening system.
The Pro Plug Integrated system is ideal for PVC/Composite decks and PVC trim.

Reduces installation time

Delivers cleaner results

Includes screws, specialty tool, and plugs

    Color-Matched Screws

    Versatile deck screws
    Starborn’s CAP-TOR® xd products are the go-to deck screws for PVC & Composite decking. 
    Epoxy Coated carbon steel, Stainless Steel
    Available in a wide variety of colors
    Designed to provide clean, uniform finishes

    DeckFast Fascia System

    Installation that’s engineered to adapt
    Pre-drilling tool and unique screws accommodate fascia expansion and contraction.
    Reduces force on the fastener
    Fascia tool & specialty screws included
    Stainless steel or epoxy coated carbon steel

    Smart Bit Depth Setter

    Driving tool for consistent screw setting
    Adjustable tool can be used with multiple screw sizes and types.
    Makes fastening decks easier and faster
    Clean, uniform results, with no damage or marking
    Screws perfectly flush with deck boards, every time

    North Bay’s Starborn Advantage

    • Track record of success: Established in 1961, Starborn remains committed to delivering new and practical solutions builders and homeowners can rely on. 
    • Industry-leading presence: Starborn has grown from a local provider to an international distributor of world-leading products. 
    • Full-service provider: Starborn has a full-service sales and marketing team, a state-of-the-art warehouse, and extensive distribution network.