North Bay's Railing Products

Attractive & Innovative Railing Styles

Fortress Iron & Aluminum Railing
North Bay offers a complete line of railing systems from Fortress. These unique systems feature anti-corrosion coatings for long-lasting, maintenance-free railing solutions. Choose from innovative cable, aluminum, and glass styles to suit every project.

Fortress V-series & H-series Cable Railing

Simplified rail design offering style and function
One and done - no need to tension on a regular basis
  • Easy installation
  • Clean, modern aesthetics
  • Sleek designs for unobstructed views

Fortress AL13 Home - Residential Aluminum Railing

The perfect combination of quality and affordability
Style and elegance – without the weight or the expense
  • Maintenance-free aluminum isn’t susceptible to corrosion
  • Durable powder coating holds up in harsh conditions
  • Easy installation

Fortress AL13 Home Glass Railing

Clear views create sleek, modern aesthetic
Natural light for enhanced views, with little maintenance
  • Simple drop-in solution
  • Easy installation
  • Unobstructed views

Fortress AL13 Plus - Commercial & Residential Aluminum Railing

Superior performance in strength and safety
Designed for variety of commercial and residential applications
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Attractive
  • Fully pre-welded aluminum railing system

North Bay’s Fortress Railing Advantage

  • Reliable strength: Fortress is committed to manufacturing the strongest railing systems on the market. Fortress railings meet or exceed standards for single-family, multi-family, and commercial applications. 
  • Easy installation: User-friendly components allow for easy installation. Simple-to-use bracket systems make Fortress railings a top seller.
  • Top quality: Fortress railings feature anti-corrosion coatings adopted from the high-end automotive industry. They offer a durable, long-lasting finish.
  • Superior construction: Pre-attached brackets decrease installation errors and simplify ordering. Pre-welded panels eliminate picket rattle.
  • Unique innovation: Fortress railings are designed to provide more than a decking enclosure. They offer innovative decking solutions to transform outdoor spaces.
  • Ultimate versatility: Customization is easy with endless combinations of style and color. The possibilities are virtually endless.